Friday, October 7, 2011

Who runs the world? GIRLS!

It's good to have connections.

Our good friend Jim Allen hooked us up with concert tickets, to see Miranda Lambert!

enter hotness

Dropped the little one at Grandma's and took the big 2 to the show.

Kaydee was the most excited! She got many compliments on my her hat, and her earrings.

Here we are waiting for the show =)

After the 2 opening acts, someone fell asleep....

enter dippin dots...

The cold sugar treat wasn't enough to keep the kids awake, and we headed home mid Miranda Lambert kick ass performance.  What we did see was all of awesome!

Thanks Jim!  We had a great time!

I thought this image was hilarious!

Enjoy your weekend everyone.
Football tomorrow, Go Raptors!


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