Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Over the weekend, we attended the annual Country Stampede!  We had 4 day passes, but with Chris working & Ty's baseball we only attended Saturdays concert.  We saw Jarrod Neimann, Blake Shelton & Brad Paisley!  It's once in a very blue moon we let loose and drink like we did that night!  It was killer the next day so much fun!  Hotter than hell, but that just makes the beer taste better =)

Me & Tiffany waiting for the boys to come back with our drinks =)  hair is still down, I'm obviously not hot YET!

We got our drinks, and the hair is back... that didn't take long =)

Mr. & Mrs. Smoot =)

Ran into my friend Val, actually she found me amidst the sea of people ( who were all drunk ).

Ok, now the hair is not only back... but it's UP, this is a sign that I'm in a GREAT mood & loving my drinks =) ( Chris was trying to sing to me ).

Chris & our best man Billy!

The 4 of us had a GREAT time!

Here are a few of my fav songs from the artists we saw:

This year will never top Stampede 2002.  Those memories are made for another blog post sometime soon =)

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Miscellany Monday - Confessions of an art work junkie

Hi, my names Jamie & I am an art work junkie.  A hoarder of sorts I suppose.  It was just this past spring when I was doing some cleaning that I realized how bad this has gotten.  I can't seem to part with anything the kids bring home!  I've got it all, even the scrappy papers with just minor scribbles on it.  Preschool, Kindergarten, messing around the house on weekends.... I've got it all!  Here are a few examples:
Kaydee made this in preschool 5 years ago.

Ty made this pizza this year in Kindergarten.

couldn't even tell you what this is or about, but I have it!

Kaydee getting the hang of writing her name (well).

A sunflower Ty made for Kansas week in preschool.

A cat Kaydee drew in Kindergarten.

Ty was finger painting, I think he was 2.

Not sure what this is either, it appears to be 2 mermaids swimming or 2 people drowning under a ship?  Worth keeping!

I've got art work & worksheets in closets, cabinets, hanging on the wall, framed on the wall, hanging from my rear view mirror (you know those cute little bead necklaces every kid makes), in boxes under my bed, in drawers, EVERYWHERE!
They'll thank me right?  Or will the eventually resent me when one of them has to give up a bedroom to make room for it all?  Ha, kidding.  Anyone else have this problem?  Is there a local support group I can join? =)

Happy Monday everyone!  Prayers for my wonderful grandfather who will undergo surgery in a couple hours again.  After having both knees replaced in April & 2 months of rehab, fell again last week and will start all over.  Surgery on both knees again today.  Love you grandpa!

Friday, June 24, 2011

It's time for some Friday Confessional!

First off, Happy Birthday Dad!  54 years young today!

Hello again, apologies for my lack of blogging!  With 3 kids I just can't sit & work on it like I could when they were in school.  Also, my header is JACKED up!  in an attempt to change up my blog design I totally twisted the entire blog up & at one point almost threw the computer out the window.  One of these days I'll sit down & figure it all out.  But it's Friday, and I'm not in the mood to be stressed!

Today Friday June 24th:

I confess to being super bummed that tomorrow is Ty's last baseball game this season.  I am one proud baseball mama!  I wear my tshirt with pride every single game.  Other mama's may come in their cute little sun dresses (I'm not judging) but I'd rather show up in team gear and yell my heart out!  Go #12!

I confess to still having breast milk in our freezer.  Chris asks me from time to time if I'm "saving it for a special occasion".  No, I just can't bring myself to toss it.  Can I donate it to needy children?  I'm just kidding!  Or am I?

I confess I have a super hard time leaving my children with people.  My in-laws are the only ones who ever watch them if we need a sitter.  Chris' grandma "G-ma Betty" helps out as well, but only 1 kid at a time and not for very long.  I am faced with a dilemma this Saturday night.  We got free tickets (Thank you Jim Allen @ 106.9) to the Country Stampede.  I REALLY want to see Brad Paisley & Blake Shelton.  My in-laws are going to be out of town!  I have so many people who would love to keep my kids, I just can't being myself to try it.  I'm not sure if it's trust or just my delightful OCD, but I need to figure something out or Chris will be going to the concert solo.  Boo.

I confess I've already been scouting Halloween costumes.  I can't stand the store bought kind.  I like being different.

I confess that I don't brag about my hubby much.  He doesn't need me to, he knows I love him so!  He does however do many sweet things for me, without being asked that make my day!  I am very proud of him as a husband & father.  Sacrificing more than most men would so I can be home with our children while they are young.  We are high school sweethearts & our journey hasn't always been sunshine & rainbows.  I am so happy that in times of struggle we both chose not to give up.  We are very lucky & blessed.  I love you babe!

I confess I've been digging through poop.  Yes poop.  Carsen swallowed a penny last Thursday.  Oh the joys of motherhood.  Those of you reading this who are not yet mothers, your day will come.  Poop will be a normal topic of conversation and you won't even remember what it was like talking about grown up stuff.  No penny yet.  I think an XRay is in our near future =(
Lets hope she's still smiling when it passes!  Don't take this picture too seriously, she had sunscreen in her hair along with her dinner.... we were headed to the tub!

I confess I am SUPER excited about tonight!!  Bestie time & it's long overdue!  We are headed to KC!  No men, no kids, just me & my Maegan!

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

16 months already! and a Recital Recap!!

Hard to believe our Little Miss is already 16 months old today!  It's been nearly 2  years since we found out I was pregnant!  One of the best moments of my life.  So, Carsen Mae Votaw here's my letter to you at 16 months old:

I love your smile pretty girl, and I love the 6 itty bitty teeth that fill it.  I love you're attempt at running and can't believe you've officially been walking for half of your life!  Girl, at 8 months I wasn't ready for all that but you had bigger plans!  I love it when you try and sit on the dog & when you force feed offer her treats.  You have found your high pitched SCREETCH & love to express it in public.  I love watching you with your big sis & big "bubba", it's cute b/c you think you're just as big as they are!  You can now point to eyes, tummy, mouth & ears when asked.  You can't go anywhere without your blankie ( and it's ok you keep that thing as long as you'd like )!  I cherish every day with you & couldn't imagine anywhere else I'd rather be.  I love you baby girl, to the moon & back!

My little baldy nearly 1 year ago!

Such a big girl now =)

Ok, so last night was THE NIGHT!  10 months of practice building up to the big show!  This was Kaydee's 5th dance recital, I honestly can't believe it's been that long!  She was so cute that first year of dance, so tiny yet so attentive & sweet =)  She LOVES to dance!  I cry every year, seeing her up on stage just hits me and I love every proud moment of it.  Also, hearing Ty (the annoying little brother) yell "GO KAYDEE!" as the curtain opens and she begins to dance, LOVE IT!  I can't wait to watch many many more years of dance recitals, seeing her love it makes me feel good =)

My big girl getting her "glam" on before dress rehearsal!

Kaydee & I heading to dress rehearsal!
Recital night!
Waiting for the auditorium doors to open ( God Bless my Mother-In-Law for getting there 2.5 hours early to be the first in line!)
Rock Star!  Getting ready in her dressing room.

Ty & Dayten waiting for their sisters to dance! 

My big girl retting ready to go on stage for the big finale, so many flowers for those little arms =)

Kaydee & our friend Daisie, she dances in the preschool class.

Kaydee with 3 of her dance friends, 13 in her class total.

No pics of her actually dancing, TPAC prohibits any pictures or video of the dances on performance night.... but I do have all the video from dress rehearsal!  I will figure out how to upload it from our new video camera onto my computer soon!  We had a wonderful evening, packed house!  Chris & I couldn't be more proud of Kaydee, and seeing her proud of herself means even more.

Happy Wednesday All!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Target Tuesday - Kaydee's Style!

Guest junior blogger today!
Target Tuesday Link-Up!
This is me in my tap dance costume!  1 week from today is the big recital!

My name is Kaydee June Votaw & I'm 8 years old!
I love shopping, especially at Target!  Here are some of my picks for summer:

I love these dresses!!

I love this little purse!  A girl can never have enough of these =)

Then the nails!  Gotta glam the nails! I have this nail pen & I love it!  I also love the nail effects =)

 Can't go through summer without good music!  If I'm in my room, outside on my bike or outside in the pool I love to listen to music, here are my 2 favs of the summer so far!

 I got this top for Easter & I love it!
 And.... I love this swim suit!  My mom says I'm not old enough for a 2 piece!
 I love to read!  When it's too hot or I want to relax this is the series I like to read!

Finally, I LOVE this chalk!  My brother got it for his birthday and we love seeing it glow after the sun goes down!
So, these are MY must haves for summer!
What are some of yours?

Have a great Tuesday!

Kaydee June Votaw 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blow Swap Reveal! + some other nonsense

So, did you participate in the Summer Lovin' Blog Swap (Link Up!) ?  I did!  My partner, Becky @ The Branches, did a fantastic job (wanna see what I got her? head on over to her blog)!  The kid in me loves getting packages & cards in the mail.  This internet communication doesn't cut it for me!  I like correspondence the old fashioned way sometimes!  I did a little happy dance when I saw our mail man pull up & put it in park!  Here's what I got:
A sink!  No, not a sink.... something new sitting on my sink?

This cute little dish scrubber!  I am in love with it ( stay at home moms have odd obsessions! ) 

I'd shamelessly been using a baby bottle brush =)

Here's the rest of my loot!  The cutest bag/purse!  I will leave my huge oversized mom bag at home for nights when I don't need to take half the house with me & use this one!  Some "Forever Sunshine" spray & lotion from Bath & Body + the cutest little note with owls on it ( 3 of them! ) the kids have already identified eachother on the card as well as eaten the 2 bags of candy that was included in this package which I couldn't get photographed in time!!
Thanks again Becky!!
I can't wait to participate in the next Blog Swap!

So, tomorrow is my little mans 6th Birthday!  Wow 6!  That's hard to spit out, it'll take me a while to get used to.  He thinks his birthday is a national holiday & with everything we have planned it's starting to feel that way.  His day/weekend is going to be so full of surprises I can't wait to share them all with you once he gets them!  6 years ago tomorrow God blessed us with our 2nd baby, one of lifes greatest surprises (life doesn't hold that many really) hearing "it's a boy" was a true blessing! I swore he was a girl, boy was I wrong!! 
Happy Thursday All!