Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

sorry it's late!!  =)
Another great weekly link up!  Many of the blogs I stalk follow participate, click ----> What I'm Loving Wednesday Link Up with Jamie (best name in the world huh?) @ This Kind Of Love!

Here's what I'm loving today, the last wednesday of March!

This top from Charlotte Russe!  Love that you can go in often & always find something new to love!

Another great top from Charlotte Russe!  I'm sure this looks much better on her than it will look on me, but I'm going to give it a try =)  Love the color!

My new fresh scent from Scentsy! White Tea & Cactus --->  It smells SO so good!  Now, if I can only figure out a way to make the wax last longer I'd be loving that too!

RED BEER!  Two simple words, oh so good.  Make mine spicy please =) keep em' coming!

Wednesdays are dance nights =)  This is Kaydee's 5th year, yes 5th year already!  She loves it, she would go every day if she could.  I love that she's so passionate about it, and have to remind myself of that when it comes down to paying for it, ha!  Go girl!  Dance your little heart out =)

Wednesdays are oddly enough baseball practice night!  This boy was born to play, well, anything!  So competitive, so fast, so determined at his young age!  Go Tornado's!  (Anyone wanting to purchase a saver/discount card to help the team fundraiser send me an email)!  I wear my red & black proudly every game throughout the summer!  Go Ty! 

Happy Hump Day Wednesday!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Target Tuesday Link Up!

Linking up to one of my blog reads, Fabulous but evil,  for Target Tuesday!  Join in, click ----> Target Tuesday Link Up !

Target is my go-to place when I need to browse for something affordable & unique!  I always find way too many things that I love, and can't seem to live without!

Toddler Circo Bubble dress
This is hanging in the Little Miss's closet as we speak =)  Now, if we can get rid of this cold weather she could be out showing it off!

Merona Tahira Top - Jade
This is on my vacation wardrobe wish list!  Love the color, and it looks comfy & cool =)

Mum Pillow - Red
In my attempt to bring color to my living room, I love this pillow for it's simply, pretty, fresh look.

DwellStudios For Target Lattice Pillow
Simple girl, loves simple things!  Love this =)

Have a great Tuesday all!

Monday, March 28, 2011

"I said Paris France, not In My Pants!"

Quote of the weekend!  Give it some thought, I'll reveal the details at the end of todays post =)

A look back at our weekend in photos:


Her thought bubble brought good luck to the Jayhawks Friday, but for Sunday it maybe should have said "Go Home Hawks".  We are a house divided, I actually WAS cheering for KU to pull through, but it's hard not to cheer for VCU... what a team to make it this far!


from left to right:
Carsen, Cooper, Daisie, Kaydee, Ty & Boedi
A house full of crazy good mannered children Friday night as the daddies were enjoying the game elsewhere and the mama's were enjoying it while eating my cheesy goodness spinach & artichoke dip (refer to Fridays post for recipe) and red beer ( except for the prego! )

if I could insert picture


the caption would say:
Best sandwich on the planet!!  Chris & I spent the afternoon alone Saturday and ate lunch at Quitens.  Oh my goodness the sandwich was turkey, mayo, cream cheese & bean sprouts + some cream of spinach soup OH MY!


Can you tell who's the avid scholar & who's the class clown?  It's a miracle the boy has yet to get in trouble for anything at school.  Mama's famous words "leave your sister ALONE!"


Kaydee picked me a flower during their trip to breakfast Sunday morning.  The every Sunday happening, that I had to skip in order to clean up Carsens puking escapade.  Good times.  Thanks for the flower K!  Hard to believe you can pick something so beautiful the same day you can take my next photo:


snow glorious snow.  Loved it for a few months, it is very pretty.  Now I very much dislike!  I'm ready to pack away the winter coats, hats, mittens and boots and replace them with tanks, flip flops & swim suits!

Last but not least, here is a pic of what brought about the quote of the weekend:


A little history:
For two years after high school, while putting myself through community college, I worked as a nanny for a family here in town.  We traveled several times during my run as nanny.  One of the trips we spent a month in Europe, several different countries.  I purchased this Eiffel Tower as a keepsake.  It has been displayed several places around my house, and has recently been in the closet.  The kids found it leading to;
The story:
Playing "hide the Eiffel Tower", the kids took turns hiding it around the house and finding it.  Kaydee had hid it, Ty was looking.  He approached Chris and asked "Dad, where's the Eiffel Tower?".  Chris replied "Paris France." - Ty then proceeded to feel up Chris leg in search of the Eiffel Tower which lead to the quote of the weekend.  "I said Paris France, not in my pants!!".  We all nearly fell over laughing.  You probably had to be there to appreciate the moment, reading back it's far less funny in this post =) 

Happy Monday!


Friday, March 25, 2011

How about some Friday Confessional?

First off, HAPPY FRIDAY! Follow me through my confessional and I've attached a yummy surprise for this Friday post!

I confess that I am ready to send the kids back to school Monday!  Love love love having them home with me, but having them around has jeopardized Carsens nap schedule all week long!  They have such loud voices ( gee I wonder where they get that? have you met me? )! Ha!  Love you both, but have fun at school again starting Monday =)

I confess that I am mildly obsessed with eating ( until my metabolism catches up to me one of these years ) and that our grocery bill is going to drive us in to the poor house if I keep it up!  Watching food network and Top Chef isn't helping this slight addiction any either!

I confess to seeing Bruce Willis on television yesterday and being oddly attracted to him =) (go ahead tell my hubs!)

I confess to avoiding all conversations with Kaydee that include ( but are not limited to ) these topics:
  • Conception & how babies actually come to BE
  • Santa Clause & his magical reindeer
  • The Easter bunny & his actual size
  • Summer camp & the Horse riding adventure she wishes to attend at the cost of $260!
~ Honesty is one of my major policies, and I'm just not prepared to tackle these subject with my 8 year old!  Any suggestions?  I'm wide open!

I confess that as I sit here typing this post I have consumed 15 ( yes 15 ) of these bad boys!  I can't stop, there must be a Keebler addiction group somewhere in this great country =)  15 doesn't seem so bad ( or does it? ) until you hear that there are only 24 in the entire package! Don't judge!!  It's Friday, let me indulge =)

I confess that I received news this week that has my literally jumping out of my skin with excitement!!!  Stay tuned for that big reveal.... my lips are sealed for now ( or my head will be on a chopping block )!

So that's pretty much it, except for the promise of  yummy goodness included at the end so here it is...  It's my recipe for hot cheesy spinach & artichoke dip!!  Plus something for the legal to drink crowd to wash it down with =)


1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup parmesan cheese (grated)
1/2 cup mozzarella cheese (cubed) - I also add at least a 1/2 cup of this SHREDDED randomly throughout the process.  You can never have enough cheese!
1 teaspoon minced garlic
10 ounces frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed of its juices
1 can (14 oz size) artichoke hearts, chopped (I use the kind found in a jar & I chop them super duper fine!)

** Double this recipe for serving 6 or more. 


Combine all ingredients. Place in shallow casserole dish. You can bake the dip for about 15-20 ( I stir 1/2 way through ) minutes at 325 F (until brown & bubbly).  Sprinkle lots of the shredded mozz on top first!!  Remember, you can never have enough cheesy goodness =)

When you're done it should look a little something like this...

Then a little something to wash it down with....

Asian Pear Mojito!

1 tbsp sugar
3  lime sections
5 mint leaves
1 oz sour apple pucker schnapps
1.5 oz rum
1 oz pineapple juice
1 splash club soda
and ICE!

Muddle (mash) the lime, sugar and mint leaves together. Add the Sour Apple Pucker, Rum, and Pineapple Juice.  Put over ice & add club soda to taste! 

That's my Friday & I'm sticking to it!  Fun weekend ahead, maybe I'll take pictures unlike last weekend =)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Big Reveal!

This was SO much fun to participate in!  I couldn't have picked a better gal for the swap if I'd done the picking myself!  Thanks Kelly for becoming a good friend!  I hope you liked your goods just as much as I liked mine....

Easter M&M's!  My kids tore into the bag the minute they saw it, so I placed them in a bowl for the photo!  Melts in your mouth, not in your hand (unless your name is Carsen and you hold on to the darn things for 15 minutes)! Yum-O!

My new stainless steel sub-zero water bottle!  Thanks girl!  Reuse, Refill, Recycle =)

The latest issue of People magazine!  I hopelessly love all of the scandals & gossip wonderful pictures & stories published in mags like this one!  A must read, thanks Kelly!

NAIL POLISH!!  A girl can never have enough nail polish!  I enjoyed opening this part, although the convulsions of joy that Kaydee broke out in trumped my reaction =)  The girl is gaga over glitter!  As every girl should be!  Which leads to my next photo....

One of the colors included in my blog swap package from Kelly, served as the nail color for Little Miss Carsens very first itty bitty mini-pedi!  Look at those pudgy little crooked thanks to daddys toe gene toes!  At least someone in the house has feet that are ready for spring! =)

This was so much fun!  Loved the blog swap, loved my blog swap partner!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ABC's about Me!

Playing along in this fun blog post, since today I have nothing interesting going on to blog about!  Head on over to Kelly's (my oh so awesome Spring Has Sprung blog swap partner! ) blog to read her ABC's.

A. Age: 29 years & 7 months

B. Bed size: King

C. Chore you dislike: Putting laundry away!

D. Dogs: 1 new one! A Blue American Pitt Bull Terrier =)  Miss Harlo

E. Essential start to your day: COFFEE!!  Keep it coming!

F. Favorite color: red

G. Gold or silver: both i suppose, my wedding band is gold but everything else I wear is silver

H. Height: 5'11" and shrinking according the the dr

I. Instruments you play(ed): none, zip, zero, nada!! Unless you count the occasional tambourine at elementary music programs!

K. Kids: 3 wonderful blue eyed cuties.  Kaydee (8), Ty (5), Carsen (1)

L. Live: Topeka, Ks. born & raised

M. Mom’s name: Kathleen

N. Nicknames: Mom, James, Fame & honey

O. Overnight hospital stays: Oh lord ( I promise I'm healthy! ) but.... 5

P. Pet peeves: Liars, people who try to hard to prove themselves to be perfect, & idiots!  Oh and Walmart during the first part of the month!!  Ridiculous!

Q. Quote from a movie: "I don't need a reason to be angry with God" Mandy Moore - A Walk To Remember

R. Righty or lefty: Right

S. Siblings: 1 little brother - Joel (24)

T. Time you wake up: 7:00 a.m

U. Underwear: as in color? or size? or what?  I'll go with answering, cotton & comfy =)

V. Vegetables you don’t like: Brussel sprouts, onions, & celery (unless it's in soup)

W.What makes you run late: I don't run late, that's a big pet peeve of mine, guess I should have added that up at "P".

X. X-rays you’ve had: Teeth, ribs, and whatever part they xray when you have kidney stones.

Y. Yummy food you make: CHILI!  No bake cookies, puppy chow, mint chocolate chip cookies, grilled chicken, cheddar mashed potatoes.... this could take a while.

Z. Zoo animal favorites: I like the hippos ( but prefer to breathe through my nose b/c the smell is horrible! ).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back in business!

Isn't it sad when  a week without a computer feels like a year and I was chomping at the bit to get it back?  I must say, I got much accomplished with all that free time on my hands!  The past week has been full of GREEN, birthday cakes, booze, sunscreen, bbq grilled food & our brand new doggy!  What a week it's been!  To sum it up, we had a fantastic St. Pattys day!  Friday followed, Chris was off...had lunch at BWW ( damn I love that Asian zing sauce! ), then an awards assembly at the kids school.  2 smarties I do have!  Kaydee is reading at a 4th grade 3rd quarter level!  Ok, I had to share my proud mama moment.  Saturday brought about the 30th birthday party that I threw my 3 besties!  Can you believe I didn't take a single picture all night?? Ahhhh!!  Not like me at all!  I was too busy playing the hostest ( with the mostest ) to concern myself with the camera!  The weather has been simply amazing.  Sunscreen is necessary, we pale folks burn not tan!  I am a stickler for the sunscreen!  I hear scary things about skin cancer and what effect it will have on our kids.  Miss Harlo came home to us finally ( after 1 more week on the kennel cough meds ) yesterday.  We couldn't be happier with her.  She is so calm, good with the kids, house trained and slept all night!  Granted, she did sleep in our bed.... Chris & I are suckers for the cuddly's!  By morning though, it was Chris, me, Ty, Carsen & Harlo all crammed in to our king size bed.  Wow!  Here's a few pics, of what I did manage to take over the past week.  Happy Tuesday!

Siblings divided!  Green collegiate gear all set for NCAA action! 

Gotta love the chocolate dipped granola bars =)

Carsen's reaction when seeing the dog when we brought her home!  Priceless!

Trying to get a picture when they're all looking, yeah.... right!

The kids wore her out!  Such a sweet girl!

Top 10 reasons I love SPRING BREAK!
sleeping through the alarm is allowed!

coffee outside in the mornings

having the kids home all day, yes I love every minute of it.  miss them when they're at school all day!

lunch outside, snack outside... outside outside outside!!

painted hands, painted toes, pony tails & pretty bows!

grilling dinner every night, windows open, fresh air!

not having to rush around in the evening with homework, dinner, showers & bedtimes!

grass is greening up, colors start to bloom!

out with the long sleeves, in with the tanks & flips!

spring break means March is coming to an end, which means April is on it's way and vaca is coming very soon!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Feel free to play along.  Create a list of your own, or tag a friends list and tweak it!  My list today is based on my weekly DVR schedule!  God bless the new age of DVR, here's what mine records and what I enjoy watching during down time.

The Biggest Loser
Love the "real" of this reality show.  Love the emotions, hard work, and positive life changing experience that these people get from being a part of this show.

American Idol
I gave up on it for a few seasons, this year I'm back in the action!  Love the new judges, I'm glad I gave them a chance b/c when I first heard who they were I'd passed it off and decided not to watch.  SO glad I am watching!  Talent is amazing this year!

The First 48
Deep down inside of me, there lives a private investigator just screaming to be heard!  I love this show, sorry that there is actually a show based on real murders though.  It's a good behind the scenes look at how victims are identified, cases are solved, and justice is served!  I also love hearing people's "street" names for one another.  One of my all time fav's, Cheeseburger.  Yep, that's what they called him!

Greys Anatomy
Another show that I considered giving up on a time or two, but the writers have stepped it up the past couple seasons and it's much more entertaining!  I love shows with good underlying humor, this one hits just right on that.  Love me some McSteamy =)

Private Practice
This is one I hate to love.  Some weeks it fascinates me, other weeks it annoys me!  I stick it out though, I get hooked on the story line.  Although this show is far from reality, or how any doctor in this country actually practices medicine!  If that is actually how they live out West, take me there!

Wheel Of Fortune
Yes, you read that right.  I DVR The Wheel!  My OCD requires me to check every night to see if I'm the "Lucky Wheel Club Member" who has won the nightly trip associated with the prize puzzle.  Not sure if you're laughing when reading this or thinking that I'm the biggest idiot that ever was?  I don't want to know my chances of winning or how many other people are entered to win this... just let me keep believing that it'll be me one of these days!  Ha!

Coming Home
A brand new series on Lifetime.  I'm a sucker for tear jerkers.  This one takes the cake!  If you ever need a reason to stop complaining that your husband works too much or too hard, watch this and it'll give you that reason!  These families struggle in a way I'm not sure I could.  Heartfelt homecomings of service members who have been away from their families for way too long!  God Bless you all!

Chelsea Lately
Most nights I choose to watch this show instead of our local news.  Much more entertaining, although it leaves me clueless as to the weather forecast for my area or local news I may need to keep up on.  Oh well!  I love me some Chelsea!  So funny, so offensive, so my kind of girl!  My favorite comics on her panel, Jo Koy, Josh Caparulo & Heather McDonald!  Watch it!

Teen Mom 2
Sad but true, I'm a little ashamed to admit this one.  It's like a strange habit or addiction I can't seem to break.  I used to have a similar addiction to the MTV "challenge" shows ie: The Duel, The Gauntlet etc.  This one will def. make you feel like a better mother after watching it!  Maybe it gives me the affirmation I need to mother my own children.  There are a couple of good girls on it this time, that actually make good mothers.  But for the most part, the drama that surrounds these girls is so immature and childish I catch myself wanting to scream profanity at the television!  My heart goes out to the kids on the show, the babies, I hope this show doesn't exploit them in a way that ruins their life... if their mothers don't manage to do that for them.

My Fair Wedding With David Tutera
If I could go out tomorrow, and choose a new profession ( yes I consider a mother & homemaker a profession ) I would choose being a party planner.  I love planning events, parties and the little details are what make events great.  I love this show, I love how he can make a girls dreams come true on her wedding day when she doesn't have the finances or resources to do so herself!  He is so creative, really takes an idea, and makes it a beautiful vision!  Some day, I will get a 2nd chance to recreate my wedding day and do it the way I always dreamed.  Chris & I payed for our own wedding, and although I am a very NOT materialistic girl, I'd love to do it bigger, better possibly tropical, for a vow renewal some day.  Our 10 year is approaching in a couple years, and we've discussed doing this.  Just not sure where, when or how exactly yet!  Stay tuned!

What's on YOUR DVR list?  Do you have a show that is worthy of being on my list?  Let me know what you're watching!  It takes me a while to catch up on DVR'd shows ( my down time is limited to naps & after I've put the kids to bed at night ) but I love new shows!

This Old Gray Mare, She Ain't What She Used To Be!

Broke my legs in this weekend!  It's been a long winter, walked or jogged from time to time on random nice days.  This weekend however, back to business!  I am in no way an athlete, nor have I ever really desired to be.  Since becoming a mom, I have learned that I have to channel my inner athlete to keep up with these active kids.  Especially Ty.  Ask him, and he'll tell you, he's faster than me!  Sad but true.  Speed is not one of my strengths, but hey didn't the tortoise win the race?  Anyways, I am closing this chapter entitled "My 20's" and entering "My 30's" in just 5 short months.  Good lord, what was the point of this post? Oh yeah, my body is starting to remind me that I am getting older!  And my gray hairs are also a constant reminder as they stare at me in the mirror every day.  I am now officially in the "resistant gray" category of the hair coloring box!   For some of you reading this, you're laughing b/c you're older than me & you think I'm crazy, and for some others you're laughing b/c you're younger than me and are telling yourself you won't go through this!!  Ha!  The past 3 days, these kids have put me through the ringer!  Horribly painful Funny story:  Ty kept challenging me to sprints this weekend ( remember he's faster than me ).  One race in particular, he cuts me off, I trip over him, and we both tumble head over heals about 10 feet.  Are you picturing how that looked?  Hopefully the neighbors were not watching!  The moral of this post is, well I'm not exactly sure, but I keep telling myself that I will always do my best to keep up with these kids, entertain them in a fun way, even if it means making a complete ass fool out of myself!  Being a 1 income family, (these days isn't easy) we have to find creative ways as a family to  have fun, and stay active without spending money every time we leave the house.  It may not be glamorous or fancy, but we hope it results in well rounded, humble kids that look back and love the time their parents took to show them some fun =)

Here's our weekend in photos:
Carsen Mae playing Godzilla Dora Doll House

Sweet baby girl, gazing out the window =)

Seela & Kaydee during the baby shower we attended

Shannon & I with our pretty little girls at the baby shower.

Kaydee playing pin the princess on the castle, Kaydee took the prize! At Mylee's 3rd Birthday party.

Mylee's 3rd Birthday cake, I didn't eat any but Kaydee said it was yummy!  It was a chocolate chip castle cake!

Carsen loves her daddy, winding down the busy weekend relaxing on the couch =)

I just realized there I didn't take a single picture of Ty all weekend.  Horrible!  Sorry buddy, you don't stay in one spot long enough to snap a pic =)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Aprroved! + The Confessional!

for the love of,

Well, we've succeeded!  We passed the back ground check, the reference checks and finally the home inspection.  I began to get a sense of what it might be like to adopt a child!  Wow, that was a trip!  Harlo is officially being adopted by the Votaw Family!  She is being spayed & micro chipped and then middle of next week we're bringing our pretty girl home! 
  • She is allowed in the city of Topeka.  Restrictions apply ( which we will follow )
  • Our home owners insurance will not pay for a claim made based on damages if the dog were to ever cause any.
  • She will be micro-chipped & registered to US!  Hooray!
Patting myself on the back for going through the steps and adopting this dog the right way, for the right reasons!  Here are some pics of her during our visit today.  She was super excited to be out of her kennel and playing with people!  She is a very smart girl!  Lots of sloppy kisses =)

My 2 blogger friends, Molly and Kelly  partake in this Friday blog post.  Today, Friday March 11th, I have 2 things to confess.
  1. I confess that I am STILL using the same hair dryer that I've had since I was 19.  Yes, that's 10 years people!  To make matters worse, it sometimes gives off sparks and is sure to catch my hair on fire one of these days.  Time for an upgrade, I just can't bring myself to pay for a new one!!  This one has been so good to me =)
  2. I confess that I cried this morning.  1 year & 1 month after giving birth to Carsen I have officially lost all of my baby weight & finally fit in to my FAVORITE favorite favorite pair of jeans from the Buckle.  I also confess that I had one hell of a muffin top after I got these suckers buttoned, but I got 'em up, got 'em buttoned and would have jumped for joy if not for the fear of splitting them clear down the rear!  So, I cried =)  I love celebrating the little victories!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do you stereotype?

Think about it.  I consider myself a very understanding person, accepting of others.  I am, however, guilty of judging people, things & places to quickly.  It's easy to do, and opportunities can be passed up, people can be overlooked and situations can go to waste based on stereotyping, being judgemental & assuming things to quickly.  The reason I ask, specifically, Tuesday.... I took the kids on a surprise trip to the Helping Hands Humane Society to look at dogs.  It was all very overwhelming, I have a huge heart and it was breaking to see so many good dogs in need of homes.  The kids were freaked out by the smell, and the noise.  Especially Carsen, so we didn't stay long.  While we were there, there was one dog in particular that caught my eye.  She was one of the only ones not barking her head off.  She was quiet, petite and very calm.  She just sat there at her gate gazing up at me.  I bent down & talked puppy talk to her for a minute before leaving.  Distracted by Carsens repeated vomitting the entire way home, I had little time to process anything from our mini tour.  During dinner ( oh my I'm rambling aren't I? ) I was telling Chris about going, oh by the way I didn't tell him I was in the market for a dog (ha!).  He gave me that look, he knows when I have my mind set on something he has little chance of talking me out of it.  Thinking back to this sweet little pup, I got very emotional.  We logged on to the HHHS website to look her up.  Wait for it.... here it comes.... prepare to judge stereotype & assume..... she's an American Pit Bull Terrier.  That didn't even ring a bell!  I'm oblivious and somewhat stupid not educated when it comes to breeds of animals.  I knew at that moment that it was going to take more than my big blue eyes and long batting eye lashes to get Chris to come around to the idea.  I called asap the next morning and I knew that phone call would make or break this idea.  These are things I found out:
  • The dog is pure bread ( confirmed via blood test )
  • The shelter has just aquired the proper certification to adopt out this breed
  • The dog is young
  • The dog was a stray
  • The dog has passed ( with flying colors ) extensive evaluation for behaivor & disposition
  • The dog is calm, quiet and has never shown aggression while at the shelter
  • This dog will be the very first American Pit Bull Terrier to qualify for adoption via the HHHS
  • The adoption process is very intense, extensive & VERY picky! The shelter doesn't handle it, they contract a local pit bull rescue organization that has tons of experience.
All of these things seemed so positive.  Chris still had his reservations, he too was guilty of stereotyping.  You tend to only hear & remember the bad.  Not often the good.  I went that next day & filled out the application.  It took me 45 minutes to get through it.  Chris & I had to pass a back ground check, we had to list references.  We have to pass a home inspection!!  Yes, a home inspection!  It suddenly became a matter of if WE were good enough for the dog, not if the dog was good enough for us!  They warned us that bad bad people in this society aquire these dogs for very bad things.  They have to make sure we are good people, with good intentions.  I'm a fighter, this dog is special, this dog is worth fighting for.  This dog doesn't deserve the stereotype & judgement of the horror stories.  Anyways, this story is gone on WAY too long, if any of you are even still reading it!  Thank you!  I need your encouragement, understanding & faith.  I am determined to prove a better standard for this dog.  Someone, to remain nameless, said "You guys are not pitt bull people."  What does that mean?  Again, another stereotype.  Hell, she could have been ANY other breed, I don't care what breed she is or isn't.  She will be loved, raised right & for that I pray.  Oh, and we've already named her.  Ty was a little pissed that I veto'd his vote for the name Harold.  Sorry buddy.  We are naming her Harlo, if we are lucky enough to pass all this crap and be accepted.  Are we good enough people to deserve her?  Chris is on board now, after my constant research of good things.  If everything happens for a reason, I guess we're about to find out.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

My good friend Molly often participates in 'What I'm Loving Wednesday', so this week I'm jumping in!  I'm loving several things this week, the weather is NOT one of them for sure!  Mr. Golden Sun... where did you go?
  • I'm loving my new couch!  I'd be loving it even more if I could find material or pillows that I was satisfied with.  I want white, reds & yellow/oranges.  Bring on the suggestions!

  • I'm loving this fabric softener!  The smell is addicting, and when it fills the house it definately makes doing laundry more enjoyable.

  • I'm loving this website .  They have everything from meal ideas, decorating ideas, organization tips & SO much more!  Take some time to explore it, whether you're a stay at home mama or not!
  • I'm loving that instead of me reading to Ty every night, he reads to me now!  I'm so proud of him, he has made such progress since starting Kindergarten and he is constantly challenging himself to read harder books!  You go boy!  Mama is so proud =)
  • I'm loving THIS book!  I've had it for a couple years.  When I'm having a bad day, I pull it out and get inspiration and inner strength.  It is a must read for all faith based moms.  Great stories, from real mamas!

  • I'm loving that today marks 5 weeks until vacation!  The excitement is building, as we research online for fun new things to do & explore!  This will be Carsens first vacation, our first vacation as a family of 5!  The kids are most excited to spend some time with their nana, and go to Sea World.  It will be their 3rd trip to Sea World, but they are just as excited as the very first time! 

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Go to church and get some ashes on those foreheads!  Lent has begun!

"Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother."
-- Lin Yutang