Monday, February 28, 2011

making ME over for march - MONDAY!

Every day, every week, every month, every year I strive to be better, do better, live better.  February has quickly come & gone and with nice spring weather approaching ( we can all hope! ) it's the time of year that I do a lot of spring cleaning, physically & mentally.  Today I started a list, a list of things I am doing poorly, doing good & could be doing better.  For example:

Something I'm doing poor? BEDTIME!  Kaydee is down with the whole routine, and has been since she began Kindergarten.  When that clock strikes 8:00 she knows what it means and doesn't protest ( except for an occasional tummy ache, back itch or need for a drink of water ).  THE BOY, on the other hand, can drive us nuts pulls at our heart strings more often than not.  He is our snuggler, always has been.  He likes to snuggle up to one of us on the couch and fall asleep there.  Kaydee see's it as unfair ( which it is ) and so this is one thing I am determined to fix!  No more softy mom ( or dad! ).  As for Little Miss Carsen, as long as she has her 3 B's she's good to go!  Binky, blanky & baby.

Something I'm doing good? Meal planning & housework!  My OCD requires things to be done in a promptly manner and be planned out.  This can be a curse on days or weekends in particular when our busy schedule interferes with my ability to keep up.  Once I let it go, it overwhelms me and then I have to find the motivation to start and complete it again.  I have been doing very well and staying on top of it, and keeping a somewhat organized and straight house ( for my own sanity ).

Something I could be doing better?  Projects!  I have a list of projects that I'm perfectly capable of doing sans the husband.  He works 11 hours a day, and works 6 days a week.  I have to take on most do-it-yourself projects on myself and leave the finishing touches to him when he gets home.  Lucky him =)  I need to paint the bedroom, that ones been on my list for months!  We got a beautiful new bedding set for Christmas that needs some room decor to match.  Updating picture frames.  It's the curse of the digital age, my pics just sit on the computer and are neglected, not printed and then forgotten about!  Most pics displayed in my living room are years old.  I need the inspiration, motivation & determination to start and finish all of these little to-do's on my list!

For those of you who participate in Lent:
The 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday until Easter observed by Christians as a season of fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter.

I am stuck on what in the heck to give up this year!  I've done it all, and succeeded, from swearing, soda, coffee, chocolate, eating out, alcohol & so on.  I need a challenge, something that will make me, not kill me.  I have until Ash Wednesday, March 9th, to make up my little ole' mind.  Suggestions welcome!

* For those of you who read my blog, but don't follow (mom yes, you mom, you are one of these people! ), please do!  I appreciate the emails, but your comments can also be posted once you are officially following!  Thank you ever so kindly =)

Friday, February 25, 2011


Just when we thought we had our house healthy again, the fever bug hit Ty yesterday after school.  It spiked near 103 last night, I would typically wait it out (we all know kids get fevers), but with Carsens RSV, our little cousin Kelisa has H1N1, and Influenza is running rampid around these parts I'm not taking ANY chances!  Waiting on the Dr to call me back =)

The RSV was a pain in the ass, but as a result Carsen is completely off the bottle!  After not wanting anything to do with it for 4 days, she forgot all about it and loves the sippy cup!  On the flip side, my little angel who used to love sleeping in her crib all night, now wants to sleep in bed with us instead.  I shared that hospital bed with her for 4 days, I think she got used to that! 

What's up this weekend?  No plans!  Baseball practice on Sunday if Ty is feeling better.  Next weekend is a busy busy ADULT weekend & I'm so looking forward to it!  Planning a 30th bday party for my 3 BFF's in a few weeks!  Venue - CHECK! Cakes - CHECK!  Guest List - CHECK!  I was totally born to be a party planner, I love little details!  Hope my besties love it!!

Anyone watching American Idol like I am?  Hooked!  Stay tuned for my predictions on top 5, we'll see how accurate I can be =)

Quotes of the day:

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from
now and make a brand new ending.  ~Author UnknownOne half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it.  ~Sidney Howard
Always kiss your children goodnight - even if they're already asleep.  ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Your children need your presence more than your presents.  ~Jesse Jackson

Monday, February 21, 2011

What I've come to learn...

The past couple weeks have been quite a whirlwind of days, emotions, and events.  Our Little Miss was diagnosed with RSV in  the ER on Wednesday February 9th.  Through that sleepless night I had to get myself up, dressed and presentable for the next mornings Parent Teacher Conferences.  Lucky for me, the conferences were a breeze.  Both children are advanced and doing amazingly well.  Ty was the only student in Kindergarten to score 100% of the math assessment!  Kaydee is reading at a 4th grade level!  Hooray for good reports!  That night we drove to KCI to pick up my  mom!!  It had been 7 months since her last visit and boy did we miss her!  Carsen had to stay home with Chris b/c she just wasn't feeling good at all.  The next day, Carsen got much worse.  A trip to the Dr Friday afternoon ended up admitting her to the peds unit Friday ( Kaydee's 8th Birthday! ), Saturday, Sunday & Monday.  Those 4 days were a struggle for me that I can't really put in to words.  Each morning, watching the sunrise from the hospital window was peaceful yet sad.  We have amazing family & friends though, their support and constant concern got us through those dark days in that room!  Props to my hubs, who slept in the vinyl recliner every single night while Carsen & I shared the bed.  The rest of the week was a week of celebration, recovery & quality time.  We sent my mom back home Saturday and are counting down the days until we drive to see her in April!!

I've come to learn that a child may outgrow their mothers lap, but they never outgrow the need for the mothers love & encouragement.  I love you mom!
I've come to learn that the most imperfect of situations can become the most perfect situations with the right family & a little creativity!

I've come to learn that when a child becomes ill, everything else in life seems very insignificant.

I've come to learn that if you have raised a child to understand and overcome obstacles, they don't resent you for birthdays gone bad!!  Kaydee June, thank you for being a big girl and understanding!

I've learned that cake tastes the same whether it's eaten at a birthday party, or in a hospital room!
I've learned that I have the most amazing family, that can overcome any obstacle, illness, crappy day or challenge!  Thank you God!

Friday, February 11, 2011

My journey to motherhood.... today in history

8, wow yes, 8 years ago today I became a mother.  I've been up all night with my sick baby girl, so I've had lots of time to reflect on that day.  Just thinking back to 2001, and being told that I may never have kids after being diagnosed with Endometriosis.  Then to bring my dream to life, literally, on February 11th 2003 at 9:27 p.m. was the best day of my life.  Love at first sight, had to wait an hour to hold her, didn't want to let her go.  6 lbs. 1 oz brown hair long toes.  I was exhausted, 14 hrs of labor followed by a csection will do that to ya.  I was overwhelmed, very emotional, and probably scared to death.  I was responsible for her, it was up to me!  I gave her life, now I have to show her life.  Kaydee, you are not old enough to understand what that day really meant to me.  You were the very first of the 3 best things that ever happened to me.  I thank God for you every single day of my life.  I couldn't love you more if I tried.  Thank you for picking me, you are and will always be my world!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What do you want your children to remember about you?

This school year,  Kaydee has been blessed with an amazing 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Vega.  The other day her facebook post simply said "What do you want your children to remember about you?"  I sat there for a second trying to think of an honest simple answer.  I decided to respond "I hope my children remember that I loved, I cared, I paid complete attention, and that I always encouraged them to do their best."  Ever since then, I've been thinking about other things that they may or may not remember.  What part of parenting, in relation to a childs overall upbringing, is remembered and what isn't? I want to be the best mother God can allow.  I want to raise happy, healthy, educated, humble kids.  Am I doing a good enough job expressing how much I love them? Or will they just remember the times I was on their little tails to take baths, brush teeth, do homework, clean your room, get to bed?  How do I protect without prohibiting experiences?  At the end of the day, I just hope they recognize that I was there.  Morning, noon & night, I was there.  Sick days, grumpy days, sunny days, sad days, snow days, busy days I was there.  100% there. Being a parent is all I ever wanted, God blessed me times 3.  I never realized the pressure parents have when raising kids, you only get one shot!  I gave my life to them the second they were born. I am not afraid to admit that being a mother defines me, not completely, but it's what my life at this moment is all about.  I am a wife, friend, daughter, sister, but above all my title is MOM.  This is what I want my kids to remember.  God help me.

We worry about what our child will become tomorrow, but we forget that he is someone today. - Stacia Tauschia

Children need love, especially when they don't deserve it. - Harold Hulbert

While we try and teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about. - Angela Schwindt

The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child. - Joe Houldsworth

If you haven't time to respond to the tug of your pant leg, your schedule is too crowded. - Robert Brault

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cuddles & Cupcakes!

Last night, the very first fever of the season made its way into our house.  It decided to pick on the littlest one!  She's never had a fever before, poor thing.  They are sweet when they're sick, cuddly, snugly, mama hold me!  I am determined to get her feeling better by tomorrow night, my mom flies in from Texas!  The big kids could not be more excited!  They have big plans for their nana!

Today was a very special day for Kaydee!  She gets to celebrate her birthday at school today!  The kids are out tomorrow & Friday ( her actual birthday ) for parent teacher conferences.  She requested Red Velvet cupcakes for her class, which I was happy to accommodate =)  She picked out a special outfit and was excited for it to be her special day at school!  Go girl!  Happy 8th Birthday, a couple days early!

Daily What The "F"? - I can't think of one today!  I'm having writers block brought on my lack of sleep, overwhelming task list prepping for my moms arrival, and the mounting anticipation of my 2 girls birthday celebrations coming up this weekend!  So, Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Just another Monday!

Monday, aka weekend recovery day, are usually a day to prepare myself for the week ahead.  The laundry is usually piled high, the fridge and the cabinets need restocked and the kids rooms need a HAZMAT team.  Today seems like a mild low-key Monday though.  Just another day in Munchkin Land! 

After she wore most of her lunch ate most of her lunch, she needed to work those chicken & noodles off!

Good thing she's so cute =)

My fantastic week ahead!  No school Thursday or Friday thanks to parent teacher conferences!  Kaydee will be taking BIRTHDAY treats to school Wednesday!  Treats to dance Wednesday, more SNOW Tuesday!  Thursday is our morning parent teacher conferences and then that night.... my mom flies in from Texas!  Woo Hoo!  Friday is my big girl, my first born's 8th birthday!  Can't believe it's been 8 years!  She will be legally old enough to not need a car seat anymore, although her weight will probably not meet the requirements until she's in high school =)  It will be a busy week, an exciting week! 

Daily What the "F"? - My baby girl is having separation issues at bedtime, only at night.  Not an issue at nap time during the day.  I am not opposed to the good old "Let her cry it out" philosophy, but how do you go about that when both girls share a bedroom?  This mama, has a strict bedtime routine which has not failed me yet!  However, Carsen seems to be throwing a wrench in it a little bit!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

*Me & You*

On this day, 13 years ago, there was this boy.... who asked me ( ever so nervously ) to be his "girlfriend".  Today, 13 years later, that boy is my husband!  There have been times of struggle, times of doubt, but above all there has been years and years of laughter, smiles, joy, travel, surprise and our love for each other that makes every day worth living.  Through that love we have created 3 of the greatest kids, God has truly blessed us beyond our dreams!  We share a modest, simple life that I cherish every single day.  My favorite thing is his morning email that simply says "Good morning, I love you".  Today, I reflect back on 13 years of growing up, finding our way, and sticking together.  Baby, I love you to the moon & back!

Where are we headed today?  The Iwig Family Dairy Store!  Fresh milk & homemade ice cream here we come!

Daily What The "F"? - Saturday morning cartoons just ain't what they used to be!  My childhood fav's were Fraggle Rock, Smurfs, GloWorms, Strawberry Shortcake & The Muppest =)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh What a Friday!

Today is the day that everyone is encouraged to wear red to support the American Heart Association!  Heart disease is the number 1 killer of women in the United States.  The video above is the public service announcement featuring Betty White, featured on the AHA website for Go Red For Women Day 2011!  Doing some shopping today?  If you are wearing red ( like you should be! ), stop in Macys and you will receive 20% off selected merchandise or 10% off sale & clearance stuff!  Now, if I can petition Target or Old Navy to follow this deal, that would be right up my alley! =)

In addition to Go Red Day, it's also National Homemade Soup Day!  Just what we need to warm us up from these sub zero temps & snow.  I've swapped soup recipes with good friend & fellow blogger Molly!  Her Potato Soup recipe is what's cookin! 


  • 6 slices bacon, diced
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
  • 6 cups chicken broth
  • 6 potatoes, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 cup instant mashed potato flakes
  • 2 cups half-and-half


  1. Saute bacon and onions, in a medium saute pan, until browned. Set aside.
  2. Over low heat, in a medium sauce pan, cook flour until pasty. Slowly add chicken broth and bring to a boil.
  3. Stir in bacon and onion mixture, potatoes, and instant potatoes. Simmer for 30 minutes and then blend in half and half. Serve.


In the words of Rachel Ray, Yum-O!  To check our her blog, click ---> .

Bring on desert!

My friend Haley, owner of a local yummy to the tummy sweet shop, is featuring her Valentines Cupcakes!  These puppies are Decadent Devils Food Cupcakes, topped with a swirl of light & fluffy vanilla butter cream frosting!  To order as many or as little as you need, and to see her other amazing creations click ---> and support our hard working local business mamas!
Daily What The "F"? - Walmart was totally sold out of eggs this afternoon!  That's all I have to say =)

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't You Wanna Stay-Jason Aldean w/Kelly Clarkson w/lyrics

I tend to get hooked on songs easily!  Music is a big part of my life, and our household.  Jason Aldean is one of my country boy fav's.  I love the way he looks in those jeans the way his voice melts me!  This song brings an instant calm over me, beautiful duet with him & Kelly Clarkson.  Listen & enjoy ( hopefully )!

Daily What the "F"?:  Today I'd like to acknowledge the mother of the year who I had the pleasure of overhearing at walmart yelling at her 2 adorable children to "shut the f*^k up" before she threatened to "beat their as*'s".  Sorry sweetie, but no matter how ill behaved your children seem or how stressed out you are that is unacceptable.  Hearing that brought tears to my eyes, my heart ached for those kids.  There is a lot of evil in this world.  I just don't agree with parents who treat their children with such verbal disrespect. Especially as young as these 2 little ones were. So, someone obviously needs to call her out on her foul mouth and say "What the "F" lady"?  So if you're reading this, go tell your kiddo's you love them!  Even if you've already said it a dozen times today =)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

The so called "blizzard" has come and gone and left behind 9.1 inches of snow officially!  In the words of my bestie "This sucks!", but I've gotta say the kid in me really loves it!  The kids are home from school again, and cabin fever hasn't quite set in yet so it's still manageable.  They keep entertained with dvr'd movies, ds's, wii and Ty still loves his good old fashioned puzzles!  As for the littlest miss, I think she has a future in mountain climbing this girl is unstoppable!  We have fun cooped up at home all day, just wish Chris could get a snow day too to enjoy it with us.
The kids voted this the daily "must have":
They like to top theirs with rainbow marshmallows, and we're always trying to create our own twist with different flavors!  Hot Chocolate is good for the soul! 

Shout out to our good friends Rodney & Annie who's little man Xavier turns 2 today!  I was honored to be present for that delivery, thank you friends!  Happy Birthday Xavier Robert Deters!

Daily What the "F"? - Today's What the "F" goes out to the guy who so graciously cleared our neighbors driveway at 3:30 this morning!  Your huge ass truck, with monstrous exhaust, and flashing hazard lights was enough to wake my baby girl up!  It took you all of 15 minutes to clear the drive way and it took me all of an hr to get her settled again!  Thanks a lot buddy!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What the "F"? It's February!!

This is no doubt my favorite month of the year!  This is the month that me & the hubs started dating, the month of Valentines day ( I'm a hopeless romantic ), the month we brought our 2 beautiful daughters in to this word, the month of the Super Bowl & the Daytona 500 ( go Clint! )!  February came in with a bang, or more like a blizzard!  We'll see how that turns out, but for now we are enjoying a lazy snow day at home!  Something I'm looking forward to this evening? The Biggest Loser baby!  Can't get enough of this show, loyal fan from the get-go!
Daily "What the 'F'?" - This one goes out to the dude I saw this morning driving his lowered 90's Honda Civic at a high rate of speed ( remember the weather we are experiencing and the fact that half of the city is closed ).  This cool guy was driving his ride like it was a giant 4x4!  You go buddy!  Way to put yourself in danger like that, and others on the road including me & my 3 kids!  Why was I on the road?  Oh, we go to breakfast every weekday morning at sweet little Gma Bettys =).  Rain, snow, hail, wind.. nothing will keep us from visiting her!  We love Gma Betty!