Wednesday, June 15, 2011

16 months already! and a Recital Recap!!

Hard to believe our Little Miss is already 16 months old today!  It's been nearly 2  years since we found out I was pregnant!  One of the best moments of my life.  So, Carsen Mae Votaw here's my letter to you at 16 months old:

I love your smile pretty girl, and I love the 6 itty bitty teeth that fill it.  I love you're attempt at running and can't believe you've officially been walking for half of your life!  Girl, at 8 months I wasn't ready for all that but you had bigger plans!  I love it when you try and sit on the dog & when you force feed offer her treats.  You have found your high pitched SCREETCH & love to express it in public.  I love watching you with your big sis & big "bubba", it's cute b/c you think you're just as big as they are!  You can now point to eyes, tummy, mouth & ears when asked.  You can't go anywhere without your blankie ( and it's ok you keep that thing as long as you'd like )!  I cherish every day with you & couldn't imagine anywhere else I'd rather be.  I love you baby girl, to the moon & back!

My little baldy nearly 1 year ago!

Such a big girl now =)

Ok, so last night was THE NIGHT!  10 months of practice building up to the big show!  This was Kaydee's 5th dance recital, I honestly can't believe it's been that long!  She was so cute that first year of dance, so tiny yet so attentive & sweet =)  She LOVES to dance!  I cry every year, seeing her up on stage just hits me and I love every proud moment of it.  Also, hearing Ty (the annoying little brother) yell "GO KAYDEE!" as the curtain opens and she begins to dance, LOVE IT!  I can't wait to watch many many more years of dance recitals, seeing her love it makes me feel good =)

My big girl getting her "glam" on before dress rehearsal!

Kaydee & I heading to dress rehearsal!
Recital night!
Waiting for the auditorium doors to open ( God Bless my Mother-In-Law for getting there 2.5 hours early to be the first in line!)
Rock Star!  Getting ready in her dressing room.

Ty & Dayten waiting for their sisters to dance! 

My big girl retting ready to go on stage for the big finale, so many flowers for those little arms =)

Kaydee & our friend Daisie, she dances in the preschool class.

Kaydee with 3 of her dance friends, 13 in her class total.

No pics of her actually dancing, TPAC prohibits any pictures or video of the dances on performance night.... but I do have all the video from dress rehearsal!  I will figure out how to upload it from our new video camera onto my computer soon!  We had a wonderful evening, packed house!  Chris & I couldn't be more proud of Kaydee, and seeing her proud of herself means even more.

Happy Wednesday All!



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Ah I love this post! Kaydee you are SO beautiful!! I WANT your eyes! Please

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