Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Target Tuesday - Kaydee's Style!

Guest junior blogger today!
Target Tuesday Link-Up!
This is me in my tap dance costume!  1 week from today is the big recital!

My name is Kaydee June Votaw & I'm 8 years old!
I love shopping, especially at Target!  Here are some of my picks for summer:

I love these dresses!!

I love this little purse!  A girl can never have enough of these =)

Then the nails!  Gotta glam the nails! I have this nail pen & I love it!  I also love the nail effects =)

 Can't go through summer without good music!  If I'm in my room, outside on my bike or outside in the pool I love to listen to music, here are my 2 favs of the summer so far!

 I got this top for Easter & I love it!
 And.... I love this swim suit!  My mom says I'm not old enough for a 2 piece!
 I love to read!  When it's too hot or I want to relax this is the series I like to read!

Finally, I LOVE this chalk!  My brother got it for his birthday and we love seeing it glow after the sun goes down!
So, these are MY must haves for summer!
What are some of yours?

Have a great Tuesday!

Kaydee June Votaw 


J and A said...

Love those top 2 dresses Kaydee and your bathing suit! I would wear them! LOVE!

tara said...

Awww I really hope I have a little girl someday! These clothes are adorable!

Jennifer B said...

I got so many compliments on the salon effects!

Kelly Marie said...

I love this post it's so awesom! The two dresses are super cute!

Kelly Marie said...

awesome* silly keyboard

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